Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Face of Books

It has been a long time since my last post. I am on Facebook and have been posting most of my stuff on there. Recently I have been beading and selling at local markets and even one of the local shops took a few items to sell. The Beading expo in Melbourne was fun and I learnt a lot in the three classes I did and I was proud that I did not go totally crazy at the seed bead stall I could have easily got many more tubes and have since ordered more tubes of a triangle bead in an amber lined blue that has an AB (rainbow) effect look to it. I bought the first tube as it was the first tri seed bead I had seen and wanted to experiment with it. I ended up starting a large 3D dragon doll out of them. I plan to do a lot more than just the maw, complete with teeth, tongue, gums, lips and nostrils but it has taken a back seat for the moment due to an order of sorts for some herringbone rope necklaces and bracelets I am making them for the lady in the shop up the street from me. I hope she likes the design and takes them to sell but even if she does not I will have some nice things to add to my market stall. I also published a children to young teenagers book of fantasy and have added this to my poetry book on the market stall too. I am the only one with copies of the poetry book entitled The Gateway for sale and the children's book The Amazing Prism can be found on or on the Zeus Publications website. I plan to get my dragon finished by Christmas or sooner if I can. It is a challenge and I hope I can pull it off. Wish me Luck!
~The Blind Beader~


  1. I can't wait to see the dragon doll!!! I love dragons!I love the fact that you have a book of poetry and one for children!!! that is a great job!!!

    1. Thank you Robin, I too can't wait to see the dragon done and sitting on my table at a market. I have another book in the works for a slightly older age group.