Thursday, 26 May 2011

Beading Blind

It is a bigger challenge for me than most. (Beading)
If I am not miss-threading beads or thread, (thank you whom ever invented my needle threader!) I am threading through the wrong bead and have to keep pulling stuff apart just to get it right because I just can not see the beads I am working with and after a little while my fingers get desensitised and I can't even feel the difference in the beads to work out where the holes are. I think I have rediscovered my patience but this is a very frustrating hobby at times. But I have also rediscovered the feeling of satisfaction in completing a project that actually turned out well. After all the pain, blood and tears of various stabbings and restarts I can look at it and think “yeah Ishy that looks good. Not bad for a girl like me.’

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