Saturday, 28 May 2011

Working on a dragon

My mother is away for a bit and I thought it would be nice for her to find another addition to her dragon collection waiting for her. I know she has not found or been given a beaded dragon before.

He is not the best looking dragon being flat of body but I do love the little wings err... wing I have not made the second one yet that is tomorrow's beading bit for the day one thing at a time keeps boredom at bay and eyeball not as sore as if I were to try and make the whole thing in one sitting.

That and my back plays up being all hunched over my beads even with a large foam pillow to work on!

My brain has been working over time trying to design a way to make a larger more 3D dragon and I know there are patterns out there but I'd have to buy them and it is more fun putting my weird ideas to the test. I have thought up several things I could do to make the tail and body and I'd like to enlarge the wing pattern I have found thanks to;
(Chimera Dragonfang )
But I still don't quite know how to put them all together that is the tricky bit when the beads all look the same and blur together you can't see or feel much of anything so you stab and hope you thread in roughly the right spot. Wish me luck! I'll post a picture of the little one when I finish him.

I have since done some sketches and still have very little idea on how to attach my peices but I am working on it...

The Present has hatched!

The Blind Beader.

P.S. thanks all for looking at my little blog (let me know what you think I am new to this too)


  1. Love your little dragon! He/she is too cute! :)

    Andrea G.

    1. Thank you Andrea, I have a blue and pink one on the go but it is on the shelf for now. I'll get back to it some time this year but I have other things needing beading at the moment.

  2. Great job, I like your work. I have seed beads, but I guess it isn't my thing, because I never choose them to work with. My thing is chain maille, and I do wrapping, soldering, and several other types of jewelry. I get bored doing one thing. It's great that you are able to work with such small beads, with the problems you have with your eyes. Keep up the great work.

    1. Thank you Cheryl, I admire people who speak the language of wire as it seems a difficult one to learn. I'd like to give chainmaille and wrapping more of a go but that is for another day.