Sunday, 29 May 2011

Beading Blunders

Today I have been trying a few samples to get my head around Peyote and Herringbone stitches.

I am sure I messed up my first attempt at a Russian style leaf (and I know I was using the wrong beads that did not help things either) with it kind of bowing in the middle most likely due to a miss stitch or two as size 11 seed beads in that sparkly silver were running together in front of my eye. I'll give it another go with some other seed beads though. (an idea for a big project in the back of my mind is begging me to be able to do a leaf properly)

My tubular Herringbone was slightly better but again I am sure I missed a row or stitch or something and I only had a ladder of two beads per column with six columns I think it will be better with a bigger base. I tried to increase the stitch and again stuffed it up some how so it looks weird and wacky and rather wonky too. But I shall prevail it was only a test.

I don't really like the weird lemon green beads (again most of them don't fit on my needle) but looking at them next to the gold (lovely to work with as the first batch from this tube actually all fitted!) they look quite good and might even go nicely with the dark green seedies I have been using.

My first peyote stitch using bigger beads not sure of the size now I threw the packet away worked quite well even if I did totally mess up the 'zip it up' part where it became a round tube to act as a toggle clasp. If you don't look too closely at the inside of it, it might just pass. (too bad I am a perfectionist I'll just have to do another one yay for more practise!)

Ishtah The Blind Beader.

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